Why AK57?

This website is aimed at the following three major objectives 

  1. Primary Markets – public issues- to discuss fund raisings by corporates from the capital markets. Track record of the company, project, past performance of the company and the promoters, comparison with the industry or sector, valuation of company, or pricing of issue, critical evaluation of the company, a discussion board on the same –with comments from visitors providing inputs and insights on the issue. Public issues would include IPO, FPO, QIP, rights issue from large companies and so on.
  2. There are many issues concerning capital markets which are affecting the way business is being done. To discuss these issues, form some opinion and after coming to a broad consensus sending it to the regulators or authorities as the case maybe. Collective thinking and discussion always clears the air and solves many issues. This would be a platform to not only express your views but also ask ask questions . Some issues currently affecting investors – need to change trading timings, spate of QIP issues, warrants being cancelled and re-issued by promoters and so on. 
  3. Investor awareness. Information through links and articles will be provided to make investors aware about everthing possible that they need to know. Our objective is not to provide TIPS to making money – many sites charge for such tips while yet many others offer the same free – we would provide information, assistance and guide what to do, what not to do so that you do not lose your money or are able to protect the same. This would be about we as investors knowing what we need to know and how we can create greater awareness and transparency. 

4 Responses to “Why AK57?”

  1. info_neelkamal says:

    with AK’s guidance, i have invested in secondary market last year and currently at profit of @40%, should i start to quit secondary market now and start subscribing in IPO ?

  2. arunkejriwal says:

    dear Neelkamal,

    do not blindly invest in all IPO’s. I have in the recent past liked Astec but very clearly said that investors should stay away from Den networks. Both these issues will list tomorrow and day after. similarly going forward i mentioned that i liked Cox and Kings. In IPO you have to be very very selective.


  3. info_neelkamal says:

    thanks. but we are not professional, how we should refer and select IPO ?

  4. arunkejriwal says:

    i suggest reading or referring to the site on a regular basis or each time there is an IPO.You could also subscribe to the weekly newsletter and receive regular information

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