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Standard Chartered Bank IDR: An update after Monday’s bloodbath

Standard Chartered Bank IDR saw a bloodbath on Monday the 6th of June when trading began after the announcement from SEBI over the conversion rules which were announced on Friday the 3rd of June. Trading volumes started reducing and the IDR has become a non-event after the initial explosive volume which happened on Monday, the […]

Standard Chartered IDR conversion into underlying shares: Rules changed by SEBI

Standard Chartered Bank PLC had come out with a IDR issue in May 2010. The issues was listed on the 11th of June 2010 and as per the terms and conditions, holders of the IDR after one year of the listing were in a position to convert the IDR into the underlying shares provided they […]

Standard Chartered Bank Listing Day one: Sedate start but IDR under pressure

 Standard Chartered Bank PLC’s IDR listed on the BSE and NSE on Friday. The share listed at Rs 105 on the BSE and Rs 106 on the NSE, The highs and lows were Rs 108 and Rs 100.6 on the BSE, while they were at Rs 106.40 and Rs 100.20 on the NSE respectively. This […]

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